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Six Sweet Tips to Make Your Dessert Menu More Sellable

Offering dessert in your restaurant or cafeteria adds variety to your menu. Don’t have a dedicated pastry chef? You can still include sweet treats in your food offerings by ordering from a food service company that has a dessert and bread catalogue.

The Country Chef Bakery Co. in Queensland, Australia, for example, has been providing F&B managers, chefs, and other food service businesses across the country with well-loved desserts which are considered as traditional Australian food. They are famous for their banana bread, pavlova, and scones, among other delectable items.

Of course, simply adding desserts to your menu won’t guarantee an increase in sales. You need to offer sweet deals, which will make it harder for your customers to resist.

1. Smaller can be better

Indulging in a slice of pavlova is comforting for some people who need a pick-me-up on a bad day. However, they might think twice about ordering it when they see the big portion size and how it might ruin their diet. By offering petit desserts, diners can enjoy their favourite sweet treats in moderation.

2. Give healthier options

As more people become more health conscious today, there is a tendency to skip desserts during meals because they assume it isn’t a healthy food choice. But you can change this perspective by offering healthier dessert options. For instance, sell products from a dessert bread catalogue made from fresh ingredients. Examples include banana bread, pear and raspberry bread, and gluten-free options.

Anything with fruits is also a popular product, even with the sweeter recipes. It seems some won’t mind indulging in a bit of sugar every now and then, as long the desserts are loaded with vitamins and nutrients from the fruits.

3. Offer them in package deals

Everyone loves a good deal, and diners are no exception. Give your customers the option to order a main course meal with a dessert for a discounted package price.

4. Presentation is key

Set up your sweet treats in a way which makes them look more enticing. For example, your pavlova restaurant presentation could be displaying a whole cake and some petite bars on a dessert trolley. Add a pretty teapot and cups for tea and coffee and you end up with a more dainty appeal.

5. Provide descriptive text

Aside from a more enticing presentation, you can also include menu descriptors which describe the ingredients, texture, and taste of your dessert items. This allows diners to create a clearer picture in their mind and tickle their taste buds even more.

6. Sell them throughout the day

Eating habits have evolved and dessert isn’t something to be taken only after lunch or dinner. You can offer a dessert platter during afternoon tea. Products from a sweet bread catalogue can pair nicely with morning coffee for breakfast.

Additionally, give your diners the takeaway option. Have food containers or boxes ready so your customers can still enjoy their sweet treats on the go. This is a great solution for those who want to have dessert later because they don’t have more than 15 minutes to spare for their lunch break.

Do you think these tips will work? What other sweet tips can you add to increase dessert sales? Check out

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Say ‘I Do’ With Flowers and More: Top 2019 Wedding Decor Trends

Searching for that enchanting place where you can declare “I do” with your precious? This 2019, wedding venues are forecasted to be extra all natural as well as an individual with a style that gravitates towards vibrant yet minimal aesthetic appeals. This principle also encompasses bridal gowns, with more brides-to-be believed to adopt the Meghan [Markle] result, where they use something simple but puts all the intricate details on the veil. Here’s a list of things and designs you’ll see among wedding catering events.

Much more balloons, fewer flowers

Based on a few professionals, balloon arches will load the world of wedding events in 2019. However, with more couples going with environment-friendly, balloons might not constantly be the recommended.

It is truly up to the couple.

One thing is specific; wedding catering events would be incomplete without any flower arrangements as well as arcs. So, go with a structural floral instalment and also geometric arbours with either balloons or flowers rather.

Potted plants for centrepieces

Intend to brighten a wedding party table? Add eco-friendly greeneries.

This 2019, vegetation in wooden or ceramic boxes will certainly be a prominent selection for centrepieces in wedding catering events. 2019 weddings draw ideas from the earth and also nature, nevertheless.

Absolutely nothing extra says earthy and all natural than potted leafy eco-friendly vegetation. Rocks and crystals make excellent additions as well.

Unique floral setups

These were preferred then as well as will certainly remain to be a popular option in 2019 when enhancing event catering Melbourne venue pairs will choose. Floral, as well as greenery installations by no means, fail to turn a simple venue right into a fanciful like and wonderful area.

The trend will be more natural as well as natural, nevertheless.

Pampas grass is likewise predicted to be featured in several wedding celebration venues this 2019. Nevertheless, it includes modern but still one-of-a-kind structure to floral setups as well as arrangements.

Intense and rich colours

Gone are those days when the Yarra Valley catering venue has actually is decked out in rose gold and also blush.

The fad is focused on intense as well as abundant colours in the choice of bed linens, table setups, candlelight, and also flowers. Blue-green is just one of the crucial hues that will certainly dominate this 2019.

In terms of textile, velvet is going to be in demand. Plush linens are guaranteed to make brides-to-be choose designs and decorations that are cosy.

Customised and modern-day indicators

Signage patterns these days include light boxes, seating chart displays, and also letter boards. The even more interactive the signage are, the more effective to include it in a wedding place.

Why stick with the common as well as traditional when you can try anything brand-new?

Which of these wedding event venue fads are you most likely to include in your own wedding?

Whichever is the case, you need to remember that a Yarra Valley wedding catering and venue provider should offer…

the room and the devices you require for your event, reception, or both.
space for all your visitors and is selected with logistics in mind.
customisation, which makes it possible for you to decorate based on your desires.
the right help and solutions you will certainly require for your special day.

If you find a wedding venue that supplies benefit as well as the best atmosphere, you understand that you have discovered the best. See more at