Helpful tips when you sustain bone fractures from a car accident

Bone fractures are a horrible injury that often results from car accidents. Although not life threatening, it can severaly affect your mobility. Along with this are feelings of pain and discomfort. And, even after they are healed, it could still cause deformities and limitations to your movements. Thus, it’s important to know what to do when you sustain a bone fracture and connect with a reliable Atlanta orthopedic doctor for professional help.

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Also, you should follow proper legal procedures accordingly, especially if you’re eligible for compensation claims. This will help you acquire enough monetary support for medical care and car repairs when necessary.

What to do with bone fractures after a car accident

Keeping contact details of an auto injury doctor is always a wise idea. It lets you connect immediately with an expert when you sustain a bone fracture from a car accident.

Also, it’s best to know a few critical steps to do onsite, which helps with reducing the effects of the injury. Take note of some steps that will give you legal advantages when making compensation claims.

First aid for bone fractures

Experts suggest performing first aid when you have sustained a bone fracture. It’s best for somebody else who knows first aid to do it for you, as you can’t freely move with a fracture. This will greatly help manage pain and discomfort until you are taken to a car accident doctor.

With a trained individual, proper first aid typically includes the following:

  • Control bleeding – Elevate and apply pressure on the injured part of the body that is bleeding. Cover the area with sterile bandage or clean cloth. This is to prevent any problems from possible blood loss.
  • Keep the injured area still – Do not move your injured body part to avoid breaking the bones further. If you’ve broken a bone in one of your limbs, keeps it still using a sling or splint. If the injury is in your neck, back, or hip, lay still while while help is on the way.
  • Use ice bags – An ice bag can be made by wrapping ice cubes in a piece of cloth. Apply the ice bag to the injured area for up to 10 minutes at once.
  • Call 911 – Be sure to contact 911 to report the accident. In many states in the US, it’s required for any legal procedures involving car accidents. This is also important for severe cases, such as when the bone protrudes through the skin.

Reminders for legal matters

If the accident involves another car on a road, it’s important to keep these notes for legal proceedings later on:

  • Consult an injury doctor – Seek for medical help regardless of the severity of the bone injury. Aside from getting proper medical treatment, an Atlanta orthopedic doctor can provide a medical report as well. This is necessary in filing a compensation claim, since it directly affects the amount you’re entitled to receive.
  • Cooperate with authorities – Truthfully tell the police vital info about the accident, such as the chain of events, vehicles involved, and your injuries among other details. Do not hesitate to tell you’re unsure when necessary. They may communicate with you as they arrive on the scene or talk with you while you’re recovering from injuries.
  • Get an injury lawyer – Be sure to hire an injury lawyer to help you in making a compensation claim. Bring the police reports of the accident and medical records from your Atlanta orthopedic doctor. The lawyer would help you get the best possible amount of compensation.

These quick reminders would help you when you acquire bone fractures from a car accident. It would help through your treatment, both medically and financially.

If you need a professional orthopedic doctor in Atlanta, consult specialists at AICA Orthopedics today. Also, keep a copy of their contact number for you to connect with them easily in case of emergency. They offer musculoskeletal treatments, such as whiplash treatment and proper attention for bone fracture.

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