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Why a Nursing Agency Can Be Your Best Move

Are you a qualified nurse looking for work in Australia? Or perhaps you’re a registered nurse from the United States or the U.K. and are interested in working here? Signing up with a nursing agency can be the best move you can make to get started with your nursing career. You might try to look for a job yourself, but there are some benefits to working with an agency that you will not get if you do it alone.

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Working with a nursing agency doesn’t mean you have to go and work with wherever they tell you to go. A good agency will be able to provide you with options. Are you looking for short-term work, or maybe you’d be more interested in a long-term placement? Some agencies will be able to help you work within the clinical areas that you’re most interested in, such as:

  • Mental health
  • Aged care
  • Emergency care
  • Remote area nursing

A good agency can help you get either short-term or long-term work for their clients, but of course, they will also need nurses that have the qualifications, the passion, and the flexibility that allows them to adapt to a new working environment as quickly as possible.

Sponsorship programs

If you’re a nurse from a foreign country looking to work here, look for a nursing agency who will work closely with you in handling the visa sponsorship process as well as provide assistance with the relocation and transition to your new life and career. Moreover, they should be able to help you with your AHPRA registration requirements.

An established agency will be able to provide a reliable sponsorship program for nurses looking to work in a variety of facilities or locations. For example, HealthX, one of the leading Australian nursing employers, offers nursing jobs in Australia with sponsorship that carries long-term partnerships with hospitals and health services across the country. Agencies like these will already have the expertise and capabilities to source and sponsor experienced registered nurses for employment.

Unique working opportunities

Working with a reputable, established nursing agency not only provides you with opportunities to work for some of the leading health care facilities in the country, but it also gives you access to nursing jobs that aren’t listed publicly. This is because a well-recognized agency will have connections to an exhaustive list of hospitals and health services, as well as businesses, organizations, and industries.

For foreign nurses looking to work in Australia, or local nurses that are interested in remote nursing jobs, agencies like these can provide the perfect partnership. They will be able to offer a variety of employment options, from being part of the nursing staff in a large corporation in the city or providing nursing care in the boondocks.

To sum it up, nursing agencies can provide working opportunities that oftentimes are not available anywhere else. There will be agencies that can offer nursing jobs in well-established health care facilities, and there will be agencies that can offer more. Interested? Visit HealthX – to get started.

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